Donna Shower & Conditioning Silky Satin Cap Jumbo

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Donna Shower & Conditioning Silky Satin Cap Jumbo - Assorted Color

Donna Products Are Proven And Popular Products That Are Sold In Local Beauty Stores Throughout The United States.
Jumbo Size - Jumbo Size Shower Cap Is Perfect For Protecting Voluminous Hairstyles Such As Roller Sets, Afros, Twist, Crochet Hairstyles And More Day Or Night
Comfortable Elastic Band - Elastic Band Comfortably Lays Around Hairline & Nape Area To Prevent Water Or Moisture From Altering Hairstyle
Lightweight & Waterproof - Our Lightweight Material Allows You To Comfortably Protect Hair While Showering
One Size Fits All - Ideal For All Hairstyles, Head Shapes, And Lengths Of Hairstyles. Small To Voluminous Hairstyles Are Able To Be Protected Easily. Reusable - Readily Available For Continued Use

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